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    Aboriginal Languages For over 60,000 years and 2500 generations over one billion Aboriginal people…

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    Reviving Indigenous Languages – Not As…

    The NSW government has announced it will propose legislation for protecting and reviving…

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    NSW Leads Legislative Push to Preserve…

    SBS World News Radio: New South Wales is to become the first Australian…

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    Reviving Indigenous Languages – Not As Easy As It Seems

    The NSW government has announced it will propose legislation for protecting and reviving NSW Aboriginal…


    Fairbanks Couple Reflects on Lifetime Devoted to Study of Alaska Native Cultures

    FAIRBANKS — The map linguist Michael Krauss created in 1974 wasn’t the first of its…

    Highlighting Victoria

    Preserving Precious Indigenous Languages

    Linguists are using new technology to return decades-old recordings of near-extinct languages to the communities…


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